Well-Fed Traveller: Boston and Restaurants

Do you like stereotypes? The food stereotypes are mostly interesting. There is a popular stereotype about the American restaurants. It says that the best American restaurants are situated in New York. That is not true. You can find the best restaurants in Boston. Let’s hire the car in Boston and drive to find the place to have the best breakfast ever!


Of course, you can have breakfast in your hotel. That would be the greatest variant if you live in Four Seasons or something like that. The food aesthetic is on a high level there. You may also have your special breakfast in Paramaunt or Beacon Hill Bistro on Charles Street. You have to stand a long line to get it. But your breakfast is worth trying. There are no problems in tastes. The shirred egg, Philadelphia cream cheese with red onion and smoked salmon is recommended. It’s really tasty! The breakfasts in America are mostly hearty. So, it is time to find the best place for dinner.




Meat. You should visit Grill 23 at the Stuart Street. You can enter only by previous appointment. The restaurant is beautiful and the waiters are dressed in a white frock coat. It is noisy and cramped but the territory is big enough. What about the food? You should try tartare for a snack and a bottle of red wine – unique combination. Steak is difficult to describe. He is as perfectly good as it must be in a typical American restaurant. It is tasty and juicy with no spices. Americans like to feel the taste of product but not spices. What is for garnish? You may try fried or pickled onion for garnish.

Italian Cuisine

The best restaurant of Italian cuisine in the city and the most popular restaurant in the world is Antico Forno on the Salem Street. The place is very popular but the prices are democratic. The start of your dinner may be focaccia and antipasto and salad. You may also try Pepperoni pizza or Napolitano. Then, you can taste seafood pasta and osso buco with parmesan and asparagus.

French Cuisine

Welcome to La Voile on the Newbury Street. The restaurant came from Nice. So, why don’t you order a duck for dinner? You can try a duck under the apricot jam and cherries. The dusk is especially good with fresh juicy cherries. This is the unique combination! You may also ask for the pumpkin garnish and Moelleux au Chocolat for dessert. This is a kind of the creamy ice cream with almond.

Moelleux au Chocolat


Fish Menu

What about the fish dishes in the port city? Everything is great! The first and foremost you should visit Atlantic Fish on the Boylston Street. This is the restaurant where you traditionally hold a line to get in. There are crowds of people but the fish is the best in the city here. How about the tune tartare with onion and a glass of Chablis? You can also order a tune steak. It is fat and marvelous. You can choose two garnishes to your tune. How about the fried mushrooms and mashed potato?

Fast Food Restaurants

The tasty and hot sandwiches you can find in Mike & Petty’s (12 Church St.). This small but pretty cafe boasts the best breakfasts in Boston. The prices for sandwiches vary from $ 7 till $ 12.

The crispy croissants, tarts in addition to aromatic coffee are waiting for you in Tatte Bakery & Cafe (70 Charles St., Cambridge). The people and atmosphere are attractive for hearty talks and communication.

UBURGER (636 Beacon St.) is a chain of classic American burger restaurants with the perfect reputation. The menu offers the variety of burgers, sandwiches, hot-dogs, French fries and other fast-food delicacies.

The best ramen in the city is served right here, in Pikaichi (1 Brighton Ave.): the price for this kind of soup is about $ 5–8.

The popular American bakery Flour (12 Farnsworth St., Cambridge) will help you every time when you want some sweets. The prices are pleasantly democratic. The price for the tastiest home-made cookie is about $ 1.



Popular Restaurants

Travelling to the North part of the city you want something to eat again. This part of Boston is usually called a Small Italy because of the variety of Italian restaurants. The best recommended place is Galleria Umberto (289 Hanover St.). You can find a big Sicily pizza here for the best available price: $ 1,55 for a big slice. The dessert comes with the rice balls Arancini for $ 3! Pay attention! Only cash is available!

Nud Pob Thai Cuisine (738 Commonwealth Ave.) is a lovely Thai restaurant that is famous of its original variations of classic Thai cuisine. The atmosphere is nosy and merry here to look like a student dining room than the restaurant. The price for a big portion of something is $ 8–10.

Sportello (348 Congress St.) is a modern classic dining room: minimalistic interior, open kitchen and light Italian dishes. The most popular dishes from the menu are pasta, soup and salad.

Thinking Cup (165 Tremont St.) welcomes you to drink some tea or coffee, eat tasty dessert or sandwich, gluten-free food or take away order. The service is on a high level.

Miracle of Science Bar & Grill (321 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge) is a good place in geek-chic style in Cambridge. The menu is written on a big school blackboard. The atmosphere is friendly. You can see a lot of students here and their teachers. The price for beer is $ 5, and the price for your dinner can be $ 8–15.

Cafe in Buenos Aires


Finally, here are few words about the Quincy Market. This is a mecca of the street food. You can see more than 100 small cafes and coffee houses all together. The menus are different. You can try everything, including ousters and hot-dogs, on your choice. This is a place to come when you are really hungry. The cafes are placed close to each other and you don’t need to go far.