Car Rental Tips for American Drivers: Trust but Check

Do you need a car for your next trip? Thrifty car rental Boston services offer you much freedom, flexibility when you are on the go. In the North American cities this can be the only possible way to get to the place you need. This service also helps to save your time, money and nervous. There is always a wide choice of cars. What a great chance to pick the car according to your budget and needs you have!

Pick Your Car from the Airport

Of course, it is very comfortable to pick the car from the airport if you just came to the USA. Nevertheless, this is the reason to feel lost. Thus, Thrifty car rental Boston airport location boasts the biggest choice of cars in the North America. Nevertheless, the good cars are taken very fast. So, the choice can be not very big at the moment of your visit. Think about the crowds of passengers from the flight to come to the rental services to hire the car. Obviously, the prices in the airport are higher than in the car rental units over the city. What about the service? The service means much so, it must be good.

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Car Model and Style

Think about what car you need. Of course, the best variant for West-North American landscape is Boston cadillac or sedan. Travelling with a big family or touristic equipment you may try outlander. If you are limited in budget, you are advised to pay attention to a small cheap car model. Of course, the size is not the key factor to pick the car. The vehicle may be not only comfortable by size, but ecological clean. You may pay attention to hybrid cares. Speaking about the car organization, you may ask for mechanic or automatic transmission, GPS system, car seat or ski clamps. The list of additional services is available.

Rental Rules

You can find the names of the biggest international rental car agencies in the airport of the American big cities. Speaking about the North America, Thrifty, Sixt, Avis, Budget are the most popular. You can also hear the names of Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National and others. Different companies offer different budgets depending of the city or state you are travelling through. Thus, Thrifty car rental Boston agency offers the budget prices that meet all clients’ requirements.

Worry about the price? You may easily find out about the best rental prices in the city online. So, if you go shopping, you can spend some time to visit one of the city rental car companies. If you are lucky guy, you can catch the sale! Again, hunting for the low prices, ask about all available sales that you may have. The best way to save some money from the car rent is using rental services online.

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Rental Specific

Thrifty car rental Boston location appeals to all clients to be careful by dealing online. Just read carefully what you are going to deal with. Making order by phone, ask about the rules and limitations. Learn the rules of car rent! Are there fees for something? Should you pay for the additional services? Is your 20 years old daughter is old enough to drive the car? All these and many other points can be important. To feel safety, learn the man and make sure that the company-partner has offices along the places you are travelling through.

Car Insurance


Rental Price

Be careful. As it was said before, the prices from the Thrifty car rental Boston airport location are higher than in the office of the same company in the city. Usually, the price from the advertising book differs from the real prices, added with taxes, additional expenses and extra charges, insurance. It is better to learn about all these points before. What is more, the season prices are often met. It means that the price that attracts you from the advertising can be available for one season only.

Insurance Needs

Insurance is offered all together with the car for rent. If you have the insurance, it helps you to protect your money in case of car breakage, car theft. The crashes window, scratches, scares – every little thing is important. Never forget to check the wheels, windscreen wipers, turn signals.  It will be very useful to check your car before taking it for rent. The price for defected car must be cheaper and you will not pay for defects that you didn’t do. You should find out and fix all available defects. Having doubts it is better to call for your lawyer to get the consultation.

Returning Car

You must be careful by returning the car. You have to pay for gas that you factually used by actual figures. Try to avoid the gas stations in the airport – it is definitely very expensive, more expensive that in the rental offices all over the city regions. You may download the useful application, so-called to check the details about the cheapest petrol stations in the region.

One more thing, it seems to be illogical but you can also lose money by giving the car back. How? So, you may be asked to pay for late or early return. Don’t you know that early return is as bad as late return? If you rent the car for a week and give your car back in 6 days only, you may pay for the daytime tax that is more expensive than a week price. Late returning also needs special attention: it is not a secret that you often have no more than 30 minutes to return the car. Otherwise, the additional payment, so-called fee, is also counted.


Before you give the car back you need to make sure that you didn’t leave your private things in the car. It can be the phone, notes, sun glasses, umbrellas. Make also sure that the car operator checks the car all together with you to define and fix the car condition or what is wrong. You may agree or disagree with any point. Learn the renting contract waiting for your advanced money to come back to our credit card.