Secret Boston Guide: TOP Places You Had No Idea About

It is not a secret that Boston is a place of rich history and culture. What do you usually do by arrival? You definitely find a place to hire a car in Boston airport and do the Must See program. Is it enough for you? If not, you may be the smart traveler to find out the secret places that are still secret for the most of tourists. Check if you’ve found them all!

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The Museum of Bad Art

This is a kind of art that you know nothing about but you definitely should see it. Someone calls it the old and boring masterpiece. The MOBA boasts more than 500 pieces of art. It includes only those original works that are definitely bad and strange and they are not included in the collection of the world museums. You will be impressed.

Brick & Mortar Exclusive Bar

You should wait for night to find the entrance in the secret city bars. Brick & Mortar in Cambridge boasts the secret cocktails. You may try them all on a cocktail party every night on Congress Street.

Midnight Ramen

There is a hint! You should come to the Uni Sashimi Bar after the midnight for their nigh menu on Saturday and Friday. You may have a giant bowl of the tastiest ramen for no more than 10 $! That’s amazing!

Bodega Warehouse Sale

Do you like shopping? Oh, you may think that you love shopping but that’s not true as you’ve never visited Bodega warehouse sale on Clearway. This is a greatest opportunity to buy two pairs of shoes for the price of one. The shop is hidden for tourists as they only have warehouse sales about twice a year. You must be local to know about it.

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Secret Tunnel

It is cold in Boston in winter. The most of people know about the secret tunnel that goes from the Park Street and Downtown crossing subway stations of the MBTA. You can use this tunnel to pass between two main stations. It’s called the Winter Street Concourse!

Boston Secret Garden

The Cambridge garden is situated in the center of Kendall Square. This is a small but lovely escape for all locals who want to hide somewhere from the city noise. This is also a good place for having party. If you’re really lucky, you may end up your busy evening at one of Google’s secret parties on the roof, which have been known to take place in this little garden oasis.

Corey Hill Park

There is a quiet and beautiful park right on the top of the Corey hill, close to the noisy Beacon Street. This is a place of shady oaks and impressive city views. You can climb up the giant grassy hill and roll down to forget about your problems and troubles.

Private Gondola Ride

What a surprise! You can get the rich Venetian experience right here, in Boston by hiring the private gondola. Where? On the Charles River! It is better to get there at sunset to admire the beauty of the city views. This is your chance to feel the city but not only see it.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is the funniest and interesting place you may visit. This is not only the ancient place, full of the rare exhibits dated of the 19th century, but also the home for the greatest masterpieces ever. They are painted by great Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Raphael, and Botticelli. The museum looks like the gorgeous Venetian palace with the stylish architecture and beautiful gardens around. There is a small secret – if your name is Isabella, you may enter for free! What a big sale in 2 $!

Boston Tango

Do you like dancing? Locals like dancing! One way or another, you have a chance to visit a tango class, conducted by the Boston Tango Association in the local tango club. The entrance is free! So, take your chance!



Best Italian Sub Shop

There is the best Italian Sub Shop, hiding right here, in Boston. You can taste the marvelous freshly-baked bread and a balsamic reduction sauce made of the high quality fresh ingredients. Actually, there is no reason for tourists to go down the sub, except for this one.

Caffe Vittoria on Hanover Street

Many people know about the Caffe Vittoria on Hanover Street! What kind of place is it? Locals often come here to drink the tastiest espresso made with one of their vintage espresso machines, and also try one of the best cannolis in your life. That is true! What is more, you can also see and learn a lot about the ancient coffee machines and coffee makers. How about alcohol drinks? You are offered to try martinis.

Mickey Mouse Lobster

This statue is a unique creature! It was created specially for Mickey Mouse’s 75th birthday. The local artist Breanna Rowlette created a huge statue of Mickey Mouse Lobster. Why? That was the part of the local culture to show how much locals love to eat seafood and especially lobster. The statue is situated at Faneuil Hall marketplace, so be sure to swing by and meet him sometime!



Anarchist Bookstore

The Lucy Parsons Center was founded in 1969 as a Maoist bookstore. This is the anarchist bookstore for today. Look around! People work here for free as volunteers! They are proud of their idea! Actually, the idea can be described as No bosses and no pay! If you are book addicted person, you can go to find here all kinds of literature to read or just as a nice and comfortable place to meet with your friends. This is the best place to organize in the cultural and educative events. Try to come here every Wednesday at 7 p.m. to be the part of grandiose debates. If you have something to tell, you may tell it right there!

If you know more secret places that tourists should know, you may tell about it in the comments! Every new place is appreciated.