Fashion Girl’s Guide: 10 Essential Shops to Visit in Dallas

If you like travelling and want to visit the fashion attractive cities, you should think of Dallas. Of course, it is not in your travel list now. Just think of Texas! Dallas is the center of it. Everyone knows that Texas is a state of cowboy girls, historical places, pubs and bars, and shopping. Don’t be surprised? You probably need a guide list to pick the best shopping places here. The article can help you to find all worthy places to shop this year. This is the only one city to buy original cowboy high boots and hat! You have boots, but you still haven’t a horse. Simply use under 25 car rental DFW airport service to pick a powerful car to jump into your adventure.

Sirens 2013 Collection



Dolly Python to Shop

This legendary shop looks like a house of your auntie. You can find it in the East part of Texas. The shop is full of such cute things as fur coat, home-made hair decorations, leather bag, ceramic doll or something that you don’t really need but was always interested to see and touch. It can be really funny and adventurous to hunt for a souvenir you’ve never expected for. How about the cowboy costume or stripped scarf?

Joule Hotel to Stay

This glorious hotel must be your lovely place to live while you are travelling over Texas. Joule Hotel is a friendly and hospitable place that attracts tourists with its simplicity and modern conveniences all together.

Midnight Rambler to Drink

Meet the brightest and atmospheric bar in the city. Locals also like visiting this place. It is located on the ground floor of The Joule Hotel that you’ve met before. You cannot find a place better to have a short drink or spend some time before sleep.

Nasher Sculpture Center to Get Enjoyment

The Sculpture House is waiting for you in the city old part. This place was always the best to visit and take some relaxation after the noisy city. The sculptures are amazing to admire in your free time. You cannot find a better place to see Picasso in original.

Ten Over Six to Get Fashion Look

This interesting shop came from L.A. It’s like a small breath from California in Texas. The shop designers are characterized with the fresh looks, independent models, new crazy style. Such famous designers as Buhai and Comey work here.

Nasher Sculpture Center



Of course, you think that Dallas in not the best place to shop. It is better to go somewhere to NY or Paris. Nevertheless, looking for something stylish and original, go to Texas. This is a way to realize how many essential boutiques and shops you can meet on your way. The city offers a wide assortment of vintage haunts. If you a fashion addicted person, you’d better drive your car to Forty Five Ten. The detailed guide of recommended to visit shops can be found below:

Neiman Marcus

There is one place you should start your Dallas shopping from. Have you ever visited the Neiman Marcus shop? Welcome to the downtown. Everyone knows that this is a historical city center. The building of the shop is architectural monument. The choice of design clothes is wide.

Location: Main St.

neourban hipster fashion travel


Forty Five Ten

The boutique with such an original name can be often met in the city. It offers unique design collections from Saint Laurent, Proenza Schouler and others. The most impressive one is Taylor Hill’s boutique, or so-called TTH. You’ll be impressed a lot!

Location: Main St.

Signed: Coro



This shop also was given from LA. Nevertheless it seems to fit for Dallas platform. It started work in 2013. The shop is interesting with its collections of design housewares from the creative local designers and world popular brands, such as Rachel Comey and others. Everything you can see here takes your mind with its unique character and origin.

Location: Commerce St.

Jade & Clover

The shop of affordable clothes is rather atmospheric place. Coming to Dallas again and again you will always come to Jade. Of course, you want to buy everything you can see here: decoration elements, hand-made jewelry, gifts and souvenirs. Every little thing is adorable and you want to buy it.

Location: Main St.

Traffic LA

What a good idea to locate shop in the hotel. Joule Hotel welcomes you with a fashion boutique – a place, where you can buy something that is hard-to-find somewhere else in the city. The leading designers such as Comme des Garcons and Ann Demeulemeester are represented here.

Location: Main St.


This is a platform of creative designers and modern inventions. Victory Park shop belongs to the stylish building. Of course, the clothing you can find here also looks cool. Oh, one more thing. The accessories designed by Tsumori Chisato are what you need to complete a look.

Location: Victory Park


The shop sells both, local and European popular brands. The most of items are made with hands. Octane is mostly attractive for special or discriminate buyers. If your life style is boring and you are aimed to cheer it up, the professional shop designers assist you to look different.

Location: Mckinney Ave

Tory Burch Suede Messenger Bag


Tory Burch

This place attracts you to buy exclusive sportswear for girls and women. If you need accessories, you can pick them here also. Burch took inspiration and looks from her favorite fashion period – the 60s and 70s. The shop designer produces unique clothes. Everything that was popular in far 60s can be found here: stripes, graphic prints, unique mix of textures and colors.

Location: Highland Park


This fashion boutique is specialized in individual fashions. You are bright individual and what to try to express yourself through the way you wear. Come here. The choice of clothes is big and the choice of bright and impressive accessories is amazingly big. You can try to create something new and undiscovered for your look.

Location: Commerce St.

Every shop, every fashion boutique welcomes you with a unique content.