Boston Wise Traveller: Places to See, Feel and Stay Impressed

Boston is the oldest city in the USA. It was founded in 1660. That was a favorable platform for European emigrants to come. What is Boston for you? This is a great opportunity to visit interesting historical attractions, different faces of the local shops, restaurants. You can buy everything you want, including memorable souvenirs, furniture items, leather goods. Going for a trip, there are several things to remember to make your trip not only interesting but target-driven.

Boston Red Sox


To See

You may hire a car in Boston airport and do the MUST SEE program first. This program usually includes visiting Back Bay – one of the most interesting regions of the New England famous of its Victorian districts. You can touch the history of American Revolution by walking along the FreedomTrail. It is situated in the center, connecting all popular city attractions. Travelling with kids, you’d better to learn the city from the excursion bus – DuckTour. The drivers of this bus are dressed as the sea inhabitants.

Boston is a big educational center of the USA. There are more than 100 universities and colleges in the city and suburbs. You may ask everyone where Harvard or Massachusetts Institute of Technology are situated and can surely get the answer – in Boston. Everyone wants to be graduated from one of many prestigious universities of Boston. Harvard is the oldest of them, was founded in 1636. You can visit the university campus and the lovely book shop on the campus territory. Cambridge University is the next one that is also MUST SEE. You cannot get the knowledge there but feel the spirit of science.

Aquarium is situated on the seaside to be the cylinder. You need to climb it up to see the penguins, huge jellyfish, Sea turtles. There are interactive halls to feed the skates.

Boston is also called the capital of whales. That’s right! The local salesmen know where to go to see the giant whales. It takes you 40$ to ride a ship in the Boston harbor and go to see the whales. The bonus is an interesting story from the old salesman to all visitors about his life.

There is a big Clock Tower at the center of the city. This is the first city skyscraper. The other architectural masterpiece to see is Massachusetts State House. This is a government building that tells you a lot about the city history.

Boston - Massachusetts State House & General Joseph Hooker


To Feel

Go to see the concert of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. What is more, every day, at 2 p.m. you can climb the roof top of the most beautiful building in the city – Marriott’s Custom House for free. This is chance to learn the city from the bird’s eye view. The hotel manager will always be ready to ask all your questions about the hotel and the city buildings you can see around. If you are tired from walking the city, you should sit in the old tram to drive along the ancient streets, parks, villas. The trams are mostly good to learn the old part of the city. You may also use one of the city Ducks (bright colored city buses) to go further around the city center.

Not Worth Your Attention

If you have much time you can visit the Harvard University campus to make a pictures of that place where John Kennedy and Bill Gates lived. This is wasting your time. It is better to learn the university territory with the excursion group. Again, if you want to find the place of the famous Boston Tea Party to take the pictures of it, you will find nothing interesting but the metal sign speaking about this event.

To Be Impressed

You can be impressed with the city style. Actually, this is a unique combination of different styles, science, history and nature. One of the most impressive Boston districts is Beacon Hill. This is piece of the old Europe! The houses are built of red bricks with the balconies, coated with iron, grass-plates at the entrance door, stony benches, statues, traditional European roofs and street lights. The start price for dwelling in this region is 3 million dollars.

Acorn Street - Beacon Hill


Useful Words

There is a specific accent in the New England. So, here are the phrases to know: Hihowahya (Hi, how are you?), or Jeet? (Did you eat?), or That was wicked! (That was great!). Each of them can be interesting to learn and practice with locals in the nearest cafe.

To Eat and Drink

You can see that Boston is European city. This is not only about the city architecture that is absolutely amazing, but also about the numerous restaurants of European cuisine, souvenir shops, antique stores. Speaking about the food, if you like fish dishes, you are lucky! There is a chain of fish restaurants Legal Sea Foods. You can see them at every step in the city. The fish dishes are marvelous! Which of them are worth trying? How about the shell-fish soup? Even if you don’t love seafood, you can be impressed with the taste of this fish soup.

The best place for dinner is Top of the Hub – you can see the beautiful city view form the window, music, service, friendly atmosphere. You need nothing but the portion of salad with a big juicy steak. The portion is really huge!

Prudential Center Day 2


To Spend Last $ 100

The question is easy-peasy! You should definitely buy the ticket to watch the game of the local hockey team Boston Bruins. This match is not only new emotions, but viewy game and the dozen of new friends after all.


The people in Boston are stylish. This is probably the best stylish city of the USA! So, dress up your best suit and go for a walk!

To Take For Souvenir

If you want to have more emotions and good memories about visiting Boston, you should buy souvenirs. It can be anything you like from the souvenir shop, like sweater or T-shirt with Harvard print or Boston sport team logo (Red Socks, Bruins, Patriots, Celtics).