Boston Smart Traveller: Top 15 Safe Driving Tips by Rental Car

Summer is always busy time in Boston. Tourists come to the city for every year gastronomy tour – the biggest country festival. The summer weather is good for walking on the beach, whales watching, visiting nearby islands. You may also go walking. If your budget is limited, you should come in spring because of cheap rental prices, especially from E-Z car rental Boston company. This is the proposal you will never refuse. The prices for accommodation are also cheaper in spring. The sport enthusiasts will surely want to join Boston marathon that takes place every year in April. Actually, the reasons can be different. What are they?

Boston is the biggest city in New England, the capital of Massachusetts and one of the oldest cities in the country. It is situated 200 miles to the North East from New York. Its numerous universities and colleges make city the educative center. If you are in Boston, rental car services make your trip easy and comfortable.

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Reasons to Book a Car in Boston

If your travelling route requires driving far to downtown Boston or to some of the surrounding regions, you can use E-Z car rental Boston to find the perfect car to hire.

Enjoy flexible booking: You can change your plans about travelling for different reasons. Nevertheless, you can always book a car in advance and just modify your reservation at no cost. You may also cancel it free as long as you do it 48 hours prior to pickup.

Enjoy great savings: The best rates are offered in E-Z car rental Boston. The Price Promise assures you of getting a great deal.

More vehicle options: You can easily compare a wide variety of Boston car rentals from trusted suppliers – ranging from economy cars to luxury vehicles.

More pickup and drop off locations: With many car rental locations in the city, picking up and dropping off a vehicle is simple. You can also rent a car from Boston Airport through E-Z rent a car Boston company as the most reliable one. Just pick up your keys at the terminal and you will be on your way.

Excellent service: If you need help about the car, just contact the customer care team via phone, online chat, Facebook and Twitter.

stupid rental car keys.. they give you TWO, but the keychain doesn't come apart, so, um, what's the point?


Safe Driving Tips for Boston Route

  1. Before you start a long way you should get some sleep and eat. Use stimulant drinks carefully. Your body seems to be stimulated but your mind will fall sleep any time if you are tired. So, travelling for long, it is better to make breaks and rest.
  2. Do you feel tired? Just breathe deep and have a short break to get some sleep.
  3. If it is possible, you can drive the car in turns. It helps you to sleep and have some rest while the other’s is driving. It also helps to save time you spend for driving. Driving alone, just open the window and switch the music up to feel awaken and concentrated.
  4. Keep the rules about using mobile phones on the go. It is legal in one place and illegal in the other. If you don’t know about it, it doesn’t mean that you souldn’t keep the law.
  5. You shouldn’t drink alcohol before the trip and during the trip.
  6. Watch the weather and try to plan your trip with the good route and favorable weather. You can change the way anytime if it helps to save your time.

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  1. You may easily use such popular and helpful apps for smartphones as Waze or Google Maps to avoid traffic jams or other road difficulties.
  2. GPS navigation is good and helpful but you cannot always trust to this app. It is recommended to buy a map.
  3. Driving a rental car, you should learn about the car characteristics beforehand (sound signal, safety belts, lights). You should learn about the type of your car and speed limitations according to this type. Thus Boston cadillac cars are available to travel all over the city with no special limits at that time when the full-size cars are limited to travel in the center of the city, especially their historical districts.
  4. Learn the local rules of the road regulation that can be also different in the different states. You’d better to learn them from the car agency. Thus, E-Z car rental Boston always helps clients to be the smartest drivers ever, teaching them to keep the state rules.
  5. Before go for a trip by car, make sure that your car is good: engine, gas, cinchers, everything. If you want, you can ask mechanic to make the complete inspection to feel good and safe while you are driving.
  6. Think about AAA or CAA membership. The program is helpful everywhere on the road, especially, if your car is broken on the go and there is nobody to help near by your side.
  7. Never let your gas unit to point E. If you are on the unknown road, you don’t know where you can meet the gas station next time. So, you may use such useful apps like GasBuddy or Gas Guru to help any time.
  8. While traveling with kids, you should make often stops not only for food but for pleasure. If you see the marvelous grassy platform or park on the go, you should make a stop and play with kids, make picnic. Never forget to take something interesting for your kids: toys, books, games. And never forget about medications if needed.

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  1. If you need to buy food or drinks on the go, it is better to make shopping in the city markets but not in the gas station shop. The prices are higher there. What is more, the choice of goods is wider and you buy the healthy and fresh food only.

If you have special tips about the safe and comfortable travelling, please, share!