Fashion Girl’s Guide: 10 Essential Shops to Visit in Dallas

If you like travelling and want to visit the fashion attractive cities, you should think of Dallas. Of course, it is not in your travel list now. Just think of Texas! Dallas is the center of it. Everyone knows that Texas is a state of cowboy girls, historical places, pubs and bars, and shopping. Don’t be surprised? You probably need a guide list to pick the best shopping places here. The article can help you to find all worthy places to shop this year. This is the only one city to buy original cowboy high boots and hat! You have boots, but you still haven’t a horse. Simply use under 25 car rental DFW airport service to pick a powerful car to jump into your adventure.

Sirens 2013 Collection



Dolly Python to Shop

This legendary shop looks like a house of your auntie. You can find it in the East part of Texas. The shop is full of such cute things as fur coat, home-made hair decorations, leather bag, ceramic doll or something that you don’t really need but was always interested to see and touch. It can be really funny and adventurous to hunt for a souvenir you’ve never expected for. How about the cowboy costume or stripped scarf?

Joule Hotel to Stay

This glorious hotel must be your lovely place to live while you are travelling over Texas. Joule Hotel is a friendly and hospitable place that attracts tourists with its simplicity and modern conveniences all together.

Midnight Rambler to Drink

Meet the brightest and atmospheric bar in the city. Locals also like visiting this place. It is located on the ground floor of The Joule Hotel that you’ve met before. You cannot find a place better to have a short drink or spend some time before sleep.

Nasher Sculpture Center to Get Enjoyment

The Sculpture House is waiting for you in the city old part. This place was always the best to visit and take some relaxation after the noisy city. The sculptures are amazing to admire in your free time. You cannot find a better place to see Picasso in original.

Ten Over Six to Get Fashion Look

This interesting shop came from L.A. It’s like a small breath from California in Texas. The shop designers are characterized with the fresh looks, independent models, new crazy style. Such famous designers as Buhai and Comey work here.

Nasher Sculpture Center



Of course, you think that Dallas in not the best place to shop. It is better to go somewhere to NY or Paris. Nevertheless, looking for something stylish and original, go to Texas. This is a way to realize how many essential boutiques and shops you can meet on your way. The city offers a wide assortment of vintage haunts. If you a fashion addicted person, you’d better drive your car to Forty Five Ten. The detailed guide of recommended to visit shops can be found below:

Neiman Marcus

There is one place you should start your Dallas shopping from. Have you ever visited the Neiman Marcus shop? Welcome to the downtown. Everyone knows that this is a historical city center. The building of the shop is architectural monument. The choice of design clothes is wide.

Location: Main St.


Forty Five Ten

The boutique with such an original name can be often met in the city. It offers unique design collections from Saint Laurent, Proenza Schouler and others. The most impressive one is Taylor Hill’s boutique, or so-called TTH. You’ll be impressed a lot!

Location: Main St.

Signed: Coro



This shop also was given from LA. Nevertheless it seems to fit for Dallas platform. It started work in 2013. The shop is interesting with its collections of design housewares from the creative local designers and world popular brands, such as Rachel Comey and others. Everything you can see here takes your mind with its unique character and origin.

Location: Commerce St.

Jade & Clover

The shop of affordable clothes is rather atmospheric place. Coming to Dallas again and again you will always come to Jade. Of course, you want to buy everything you can see here: decoration elements, hand-made jewelry, gifts and souvenirs. Every little thing is adorable and you want to buy it.

Location: Main St.

Traffic LA

What a good idea to locate shop in the hotel. Joule Hotel welcomes you with a fashion boutique – a place, where you can buy something that is hard-to-find somewhere else in the city. The leading designers such as Comme des Garcons and Ann Demeulemeester are represented here.

Location: Main St.


This is a platform of creative designers and modern inventions. Victory Park shop belongs to the stylish building. Of course, the clothing you can find here also looks cool. Oh, one more thing. The accessories designed by Tsumori Chisato are what you need to complete a look.

Location: Victory Park


The shop sells both, local and European popular brands. The most of items are made with hands. Octane is mostly attractive for special or discriminate buyers. If your life style is boring and you are aimed to cheer it up, the professional shop designers assist you to look different.

Location: Mckinney Ave

Tory Burch Suede Messenger Bag


Tory Burch

This place attracts you to buy exclusive sportswear for girls and women. If you need accessories, you can pick them here also. Burch took inspiration and looks from her favorite fashion period – the 60s and 70s. The shop designer produces unique clothes. Everything that was popular in far 60s can be found here: stripes, graphic prints, unique mix of textures and colors.

Location: Highland Park


This fashion boutique is specialized in individual fashions. You are bright individual and what to try to express yourself through the way you wear. Come here. The choice of clothes is big and the choice of bright and impressive accessories is amazingly big. You can try to create something new and undiscovered for your look.

Location: Commerce St.

Every shop, every fashion boutique welcomes you with a unique content.

Boston by Car at a Full Force!

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the USA. It’s favorably situated on the East coast to be the capital of Massachusetts and the largest city in New England. People love visiting this city because of its walking trails. If you don’t want to go on foot you can explore the city on a trolley tour or a riverboat cruise. Nevertheless, if you want to see New England from the different sides, you should hire a car in Boston and drive whenever you want. This area of the USA is famous of its scenery and especially amazing in autumn.

How about driving through the countryside to visit the nearest cities and towns to Boston? Thus, it is not a problem to hire a car for a low cost. By the way, the cost of one way car rental Boston to Orlando is offered with no fee, so, it can be very attractive.

a good drive was had by all


In General about Boston

Boston is very attractive city. It is divided into 21 neighborhoods, including the main of them: South Boston, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Dorchester and Cambridge. The first thing that impresses you a lot is architecture. The most popular historic buildings you should see are the Old State House, Old City Hall and Trinity Church. Boston is also attractive with a number of walking trails that you can follow. The best known is Freedom Trail. You can also follow the Black Heritage Trail or one of the seven walks that make up the Boston Women’s Heritage Trail.

There is one more popular attraction in Boston – John Hancock Tower. Kids and not only kids will like the New England Aquarium. It is impossible to visit Boston without visiting the famous Harvard University campus. People travel for miles to shop in Boston, as it has everything from high-end malls to second-hand book shops. There are also many restaurants and hotels. Thus, this is an attractive place to spend weekend and rental car holiday.

Boston Attractions

There are many places that you can visit if you hire a car during your visit to Boston. The destination can be long to go. Thus, the Cape Cod is one of the USA’s most popular tourist destinations. It is not long, but takes about two and a half hours to get there from Boston by car. This is a unique place that is attractive with more than 60 public beaches along 560 miles of coast. What is more, there are many sporting activities such as boating, fishing, golf, cycling.

There is another popular place to visit from Boston – Salem, which is about 30 minutes’ drive. This town is best-known for the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Travelling by car you are not limited in time, so, you have enough space to visit and learn more about the trials in the Salem Witch Museum, explore the New England Pirate Museum and take a tour of the House of the Seven Gables. You know about these places a lot if you like reading. Use your car to drive to Danvers to see the former homes of people involved in the witch trials.

The Old State House


Hiring a Car at Boston Airport

Car is a big necessity in Boston. As usual, everything starts at the airport. Boston Airport is the largest airport in New England and has flights to more than 100 of destinations, increasing number of visitors each year. The free, unlimited Wi-Fi is always necessary. You are able to admire some art at the temporary exhibition of the airport. Travelling with kids, you may take them to play to one of many special play zones to have fun waiting for your flight or transfer. This is the right moment to hire a car!

Young Drivers

There are times when you need to rent a car. If you are under 25, don’t worry! Renting car rules are simple and friendly even for young drivers! Of course, there are many states In the USA when the minimum age to rent is 18. So, Boston car rental under 25 provides you with a simple solution for all your rental needs.

Are you under 25? Pick a car for your trip, whether it is:

For your business trip

A way to get back and forth in winter, spring or summer breaks

A road trip

It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you can find a car service for your age. The minimum age requirement when renting a car in the United States is 25 years old. However, there are some car rental companies that allow drivers under 25 years old to drive a rental car as long as they pay the underage driver fee. Before booking a rental car, here are some things you need to consider.

Teen Driver


How to Rent a Car Boston Under 25 in 5 Steps

  1. Check with your company’s travel department or travel agent – you may receive exclusive rates through a corporate discount program for business or even personal car rentals.
  2. Fill out the reservation form on the website with your preferred rental location, the dates you need and the car class you would like to rent. There is a list of cars, available for young drivers. Pay attention to that fact that super-expensive cars are not available.
  3. Make sure to check out Travel Tools section to learn everything about such options like insurance coverage or GPS navigation.
  4. Book your car rental. To complete this, you will need to provide your name, contact information. If you are prepaying, you will also need to provide a credit card number to reserve the rental car.
  5. When you arrive at the rental location, bring your valid driver’s license and a credit card. They are important!

a good drive was had by all


Boston car rental under 25 locations are subject to an Age Differential Charge. Charge varies based on car class and renting location. It also depends on the destination and one way trip. And don’t worry about fee! It is not big here, in Boston.

Well-Fed Traveller: Boston and Restaurants

Do you like stereotypes? The food stereotypes are mostly interesting. There is a popular stereotype about the American restaurants. It says that the best American restaurants are situated in New York. That is not true. You can find the best restaurants in Boston. Let’s hire the car in Boston and drive to find the place to have the best breakfast ever!


Of course, you can have breakfast in your hotel. That would be the greatest variant if you live in Four Seasons or something like that. The food aesthetic is on a high level there. You may also have your special breakfast in Paramaunt or Beacon Hill Bistro on Charles Street. You have to stand a long line to get it. But your breakfast is worth trying. There are no problems in tastes. The shirred egg, Philadelphia cream cheese with red onion and smoked salmon is recommended. It’s really tasty! The breakfasts in America are mostly hearty. So, it is time to find the best place for dinner.




Meat. You should visit Grill 23 at the Stuart Street. You can enter only by previous appointment. The restaurant is beautiful and the waiters are dressed in a white frock coat. It is noisy and cramped but the territory is big enough. What about the food? You should try tartare for a snack and a bottle of red wine – unique combination. Steak is difficult to describe. He is as perfectly good as it must be in a typical American restaurant. It is tasty and juicy with no spices. Americans like to feel the taste of product but not spices. What is for garnish? You may try fried or pickled onion for garnish.

Italian Cuisine

The best restaurant of Italian cuisine in the city and the most popular restaurant in the world is Antico Forno on the Salem Street. The place is very popular but the prices are democratic. The start of your dinner may be focaccia and antipasto and salad. You may also try Pepperoni pizza or Napolitano. Then, you can taste seafood pasta and osso buco with parmesan and asparagus.

French Cuisine

Welcome to La Voile on the Newbury Street. The restaurant came from Nice. So, why don’t you order a duck for dinner? You can try a duck under the apricot jam and cherries. The dusk is especially good with fresh juicy cherries. This is the unique combination! You may also ask for the pumpkin garnish and Moelleux au Chocolat for dessert. This is a kind of the creamy ice cream with almond.

Moelleux au Chocolat


Fish Menu

What about the fish dishes in the port city? Everything is great! The first and foremost you should visit Atlantic Fish on the Boylston Street. This is the restaurant where you traditionally hold a line to get in. There are crowds of people but the fish is the best in the city here. How about the tune tartare with onion and a glass of Chablis? You can also order a tune steak. It is fat and marvelous. You can choose two garnishes to your tune. How about the fried mushrooms and mashed potato?

Fast Food Restaurants

The tasty and hot sandwiches you can find in Mike & Petty’s (12 Church St.). This small but pretty cafe boasts the best breakfasts in Boston. The prices for sandwiches vary from $ 7 till $ 12.

The crispy croissants, tarts in addition to aromatic coffee are waiting for you in Tatte Bakery & Cafe (70 Charles St., Cambridge). The people and atmosphere are attractive for hearty talks and communication.

UBURGER (636 Beacon St.) is a chain of classic American burger restaurants with the perfect reputation. The menu offers the variety of burgers, sandwiches, hot-dogs, French fries and other fast-food delicacies.

The best ramen in the city is served right here, in Pikaichi (1 Brighton Ave.): the price for this kind of soup is about $ 5–8.

The popular American bakery Flour (12 Farnsworth St., Cambridge) will help you every time when you want some sweets. The prices are pleasantly democratic. The price for the tastiest home-made cookie is about $ 1.



Popular Restaurants

Travelling to the North part of the city you want something to eat again. This part of Boston is usually called a Small Italy because of the variety of Italian restaurants. The best recommended place is Galleria Umberto (289 Hanover St.). You can find a big Sicily pizza here for the best available price: $ 1,55 for a big slice. The dessert comes with the rice balls Arancini for $ 3! Pay attention! Only cash is available!

Nud Pob Thai Cuisine (738 Commonwealth Ave.) is a lovely Thai restaurant that is famous of its original variations of classic Thai cuisine. The atmosphere is nosy and merry here to look like a student dining room than the restaurant. The price for a big portion of something is $ 8–10.

Sportello (348 Congress St.) is a modern classic dining room: minimalistic interior, open kitchen and light Italian dishes. The most popular dishes from the menu are pasta, soup and salad.

Thinking Cup (165 Tremont St.) welcomes you to drink some tea or coffee, eat tasty dessert or sandwich, gluten-free food or take away order. The service is on a high level.

Miracle of Science Bar & Grill (321 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge) is a good place in geek-chic style in Cambridge. The menu is written on a big school blackboard. The atmosphere is friendly. You can see a lot of students here and their teachers. The price for beer is $ 5, and the price for your dinner can be $ 8–15.

Cafe in Buenos Aires


Finally, here are few words about the Quincy Market. This is a mecca of the street food. You can see more than 100 small cafes and coffee houses all together. The menus are different. You can try everything, including ousters and hot-dogs, on your choice. This is a place to come when you are really hungry. The cafes are placed close to each other and you don’t need to go far.


Keep Your Mind Fresh: Essential Boston Coffee Shops

If you are in Boston, you should know a lot of places to drink coffee on the go. What is the perfect cafe for you? There are many different criteria to define the most perfect place. Traditionally the best cafe is defined by the destination from your home, fast and quality service, online orders and tasty coffee. Everyone has its own special list to have a snack there. This is mostly prerogative for locals. They know many interesting and worthy places to spend time. So, looking for the best place to linger over drink with your friends or buy some coffee to take away, you may hire a car by in Boston and drive to the district of Cambridge, Harvard or central regions. Pay attention to the smallest cafes. They are mostly special.

1369 Coffee House, Cambridge


1369 Coffee House

The name of this cafe comes from the address. This is not a small cafe but a big food court where you can comfortable drink hot espresso, cold beer, donuts, sandwiches, light breakfast, bakery and many other things.

1369 Cambridge St.

Cambridge, MA 02139

3 Little Figs

This cafe is situated in the region of Spring Hill. You will definitely need some coffee after a long and joyful walk around the hill. You are offered to drink espresso, latte, macchiato, fresh newspapers and sandwiches. How about the spinach pie? What a prefect morning you have!

278 Highland Ave.

Somerville, MA 02143

4A Coffee

This a real coffee house, but not a typical cafe. You can find this place by the strong coffee aroma, floating around. You can buy a cup of coffee to drink or a pack of perfectly-fried coffee seeds to make coffee at home.

419 Harvard St.

Brookline, MA 02446

Area Four

Area Four is mostly famous of its pizza. Are you surprised? This place is still attractive for all coffee lovers. There is a wide assortment of espresso drinks, bakery, cookies, home-made sandwiches. The cafe works from Monday till Friday from 7 a.m. till 6 p.m. it also works on Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. till 4 p.m.

500 Technology Sq.

Cambridge, MA 02139

George Howell, Boston



It is difficult to find any other place like this to drink tasty coffee, cold or hot, and forget about the outer world. The wide variety of drinks and bakery are available. There is not Wi-Fi access so, no one will bother you.

364 Broadway

Cambridge, MA 02139

Barrington Coffee Roasting Company

There are two coffee houses of this chain in Boston. Barrington offers to drink hot or icy coffee, aromatic espresso, coffee drinks of different tastes, sweets and fresh bakery.

303 Newbury St.

Boston, MA 02115

Beantowne Beantowne Coffee House

The cafe was closed and restored after the fire in 2015. The building was destroyed a lot. It was opened again in 2016 with the new menu, cozy armchairs and tasty coffee. Nothing is left from the heavy smoke and big fire.


MA 02139

Blue State Coffee

This coffee house is placed on Commonwealth Avenue to attract students from the nearby Boston University. The Blue State chain is specialized in making coffee of different tastes and temperature. There is also a shop to buy the coffee seeds or milled coffee for your home. It is rather comfortable practice for the small coffee houses to have a shop at the same building.

957 Commonwealth Ave.

Boston, MA 02215

Boston Common Coffee Company

There are three cafes of this chain in Boston. It offers the menu of sandwiches, bakery, sweets, espresso and other coffee drinks. There is special Thursday menu, vegan menu, donuts menu of different tastes.

515 Washington St.

Boston, MA 02111

Cafe Fixe

If you like coffee, you should go there. You can also taste some tea or other drink. Do you want something for coffee? You may buy some bakery and other sweets that are usually attractive for coffee.

1642 Beacon St.

Brookline, MA 02445

Dublin iced coffee with cream



This lovely cafe is situated in the center of Brighton region. It works the full day, offering the wide choice of tea, coffee and coffee drinks. Traditionally, Cafenation offers the free Wi-Fi for all guests. This is a good place to have rest, work or study.

380 Washington St.

Brighton, MA 02135

Crema Cafe

This interesting place is situated in the region of Harvard Square. It is full of espresso drinks, hot or cold coffee drinks, tea sets, icy drinks. You can see lot of students here on weekend.

27 Brattle St.

Cambridge, MA 02138

Curio Coffee

Welcome to Curio Coffee! The small cozy shop attracts you with aromatic coffee and fruit wafers. The cafe is comfortably situated on the Cambridge Street to be good for everyone who’s passing by.

441 Cambridge St.

Cambridge, MA 02141

Darwin’s Ltd.

This is an old cafe that is situated in Cambridge. This is not only a cafe but a small restaurant that always welcomes you for lunch or dinner. You can order a soup, sandwiches, bakery, tea, coffee and other drinks.

1629 Cambridge St.

Cambridge, MA 02138

Diesel Cafe

Absolutely amazing place to offer a wide choice of coffee drinks, tea and other hot and cold drinks. You may order sandwiches, fresh bakery, bread and other sweet things for your coffee.

257 Elm St.

Somerville, MA 02144

Cafe e Cornetto


Flat Black Coffee Company

There are six shops of this coffee chain in Boston. Flat Black is a popular coffee brand in America that makes tasty drinks and provide the successful coffee business by opt and retail. This high quality good is delivered all over the world.

260 Franklin St.

Boston, MA 02110

Fortissimo Coffeehouse

This is a good place to enjoy your hot aromatic coffee, home-made cheese, free Wi-Fi. You can spend time with your friends or stay along to work and study.

365 Somerville Ave.

Somerville, MA 02143

Fuel America

This is a special place to watch the process of making coffee. Actually, you may choose any drink you like, tea, espresso, latte, etc. Want some food? You can order something for breakfast or dinner. The assortment of dishes is wide. The free Wi-Fi is available.

152 Chestnut Hill Ave.

Brighton, MA 02135

Boston is huge! There are many districts and each of them boasts its own special places to eat fast and drink your espresso. You shouldn’t go out of your car!

Secret Boston Guide: TOP Places You Had No Idea About

It is not a secret that Boston is a place of rich history and culture. What do you usually do by arrival? You definitely find a place to hire a car in Boston airport and do the Must See program. Is it enough for you? If not, you may be the smart traveler to find out the secret places that are still secret for the most of tourists. Check if you’ve found them all!

Pay Per Lick


The Museum of Bad Art

This is a kind of art that you know nothing about but you definitely should see it. Someone calls it the old and boring masterpiece. The MOBA boasts more than 500 pieces of art. It includes only those original works that are definitely bad and strange and they are not included in the collection of the world museums. You will be impressed.

Brick & Mortar Exclusive Bar

You should wait for night to find the entrance in the secret city bars. Brick & Mortar in Cambridge boasts the secret cocktails. You may try them all on a cocktail party every night on Congress Street.

Midnight Ramen

There is a hint! You should come to the Uni Sashimi Bar after the midnight for their nigh menu on Saturday and Friday. You may have a giant bowl of the tastiest ramen for no more than 10 $! That’s amazing!

Bodega Warehouse Sale

Do you like shopping? Oh, you may think that you love shopping but that’s not true as you’ve never visited Bodega warehouse sale on Clearway. This is a greatest opportunity to buy two pairs of shoes for the price of one. The shop is hidden for tourists as they only have warehouse sales about twice a year. You must be local to know about it.

Nude high heel shoes


Secret Tunnel

It is cold in Boston in winter. The most of people know about the secret tunnel that goes from the Park Street and Downtown crossing subway stations of the MBTA. You can use this tunnel to pass between two main stations. It’s called the Winter Street Concourse!

Boston Secret Garden

The Cambridge garden is situated in the center of Kendall Square. This is a small but lovely escape for all locals who want to hide somewhere from the city noise. This is also a good place for having party. If you’re really lucky, you may end up your busy evening at one of Google’s secret parties on the roof, which have been known to take place in this little garden oasis.

Corey Hill Park

There is a quiet and beautiful park right on the top of the Corey hill, close to the noisy Beacon Street. This is a place of shady oaks and impressive city views. You can climb up the giant grassy hill and roll down to forget about your problems and troubles.

Private Gondola Ride

What a surprise! You can get the rich Venetian experience right here, in Boston by hiring the private gondola. Where? On the Charles River! It is better to get there at sunset to admire the beauty of the city views. This is your chance to feel the city but not only see it.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is the funniest and interesting place you may visit. This is not only the ancient place, full of the rare exhibits dated of the 19th century, but also the home for the greatest masterpieces ever. They are painted by great Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Raphael, and Botticelli. The museum looks like the gorgeous Venetian palace with the stylish architecture and beautiful gardens around. There is a small secret – if your name is Isabella, you may enter for free! What a big sale in 2 $!

Boston Tango

Do you like dancing? Locals like dancing! One way or another, you have a chance to visit a tango class, conducted by the Boston Tango Association in the local tango club. The entrance is free! So, take your chance!



Best Italian Sub Shop

There is the best Italian Sub Shop, hiding right here, in Boston. You can taste the marvelous freshly-baked bread and a balsamic reduction sauce made of the high quality fresh ingredients. Actually, there is no reason for tourists to go down the sub, except for this one.

Caffe Vittoria on Hanover Street

Many people know about the Caffe Vittoria on Hanover Street! What kind of place is it? Locals often come here to drink the tastiest espresso made with one of their vintage espresso machines, and also try one of the best cannolis in your life. That is true! What is more, you can also see and learn a lot about the ancient coffee machines and coffee makers. How about alcohol drinks? You are offered to try martinis.

Mickey Mouse Lobster

This statue is a unique creature! It was created specially for Mickey Mouse’s 75th birthday. The local artist Breanna Rowlette created a huge statue of Mickey Mouse Lobster. Why? That was the part of the local culture to show how much locals love to eat seafood and especially lobster. The statue is situated at Faneuil Hall marketplace, so be sure to swing by and meet him sometime!



Anarchist Bookstore

The Lucy Parsons Center was founded in 1969 as a Maoist bookstore. This is the anarchist bookstore for today. Look around! People work here for free as volunteers! They are proud of their idea! Actually, the idea can be described as No bosses and no pay! If you are book addicted person, you can go to find here all kinds of literature to read or just as a nice and comfortable place to meet with your friends. This is the best place to organize in the cultural and educative events. Try to come here every Wednesday at 7 p.m. to be the part of grandiose debates. If you have something to tell, you may tell it right there!

If you know more secret places that tourists should know, you may tell about it in the comments! Every new place is appreciated.

Boston Wise Traveller: Places to See, Feel and Stay Impressed

Boston is the oldest city in the USA. It was founded in 1660. That was a favorable platform for European emigrants to come. What is Boston for you? This is a great opportunity to visit interesting historical attractions, different faces of the local shops, restaurants. You can buy everything you want, including memorable souvenirs, furniture items, leather goods. Going for a trip, there are several things to remember to make your trip not only interesting but target-driven.

Boston Red Sox


To See

You may hire a car in Boston airport and do the MUST SEE program first. This program usually includes visiting Back Bay – one of the most interesting regions of the New England famous of its Victorian districts. You can touch the history of American Revolution by walking along the FreedomTrail. It is situated in the center, connecting all popular city attractions. Travelling with kids, you’d better to learn the city from the excursion bus – DuckTour. The drivers of this bus are dressed as the sea inhabitants.

Boston is a big educational center of the USA. There are more than 100 universities and colleges in the city and suburbs. You may ask everyone where Harvard or Massachusetts Institute of Technology are situated and can surely get the answer – in Boston. Everyone wants to be graduated from one of many prestigious universities of Boston. Harvard is the oldest of them, was founded in 1636. You can visit the university campus and the lovely book shop on the campus territory. Cambridge University is the next one that is also MUST SEE. You cannot get the knowledge there but feel the spirit of science.

Aquarium is situated on the seaside to be the cylinder. You need to climb it up to see the penguins, huge jellyfish, Sea turtles. There are interactive halls to feed the skates.

Boston is also called the capital of whales. That’s right! The local salesmen know where to go to see the giant whales. It takes you 40$ to ride a ship in the Boston harbor and go to see the whales. The bonus is an interesting story from the old salesman to all visitors about his life.

There is a big Clock Tower at the center of the city. This is the first city skyscraper. The other architectural masterpiece to see is Massachusetts State House. This is a government building that tells you a lot about the city history.

Boston - Massachusetts State House & General Joseph Hooker


To Feel

Go to see the concert of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. What is more, every day, at 2 p.m. you can climb the roof top of the most beautiful building in the city – Marriott’s Custom House for free. This is chance to learn the city from the bird’s eye view. The hotel manager will always be ready to ask all your questions about the hotel and the city buildings you can see around. If you are tired from walking the city, you should sit in the old tram to drive along the ancient streets, parks, villas. The trams are mostly good to learn the old part of the city. You may also use one of the city Ducks (bright colored city buses) to go further around the city center.

Not Worth Your Attention

If you have much time you can visit the Harvard University campus to make a pictures of that place where John Kennedy and Bill Gates lived. This is wasting your time. It is better to learn the university territory with the excursion group. Again, if you want to find the place of the famous Boston Tea Party to take the pictures of it, you will find nothing interesting but the metal sign speaking about this event.

To Be Impressed

You can be impressed with the city style. Actually, this is a unique combination of different styles, science, history and nature. One of the most impressive Boston districts is Beacon Hill. This is piece of the old Europe! The houses are built of red bricks with the balconies, coated with iron, grass-plates at the entrance door, stony benches, statues, traditional European roofs and street lights. The start price for dwelling in this region is 3 million dollars.

Acorn Street - Beacon Hill


Useful Words

There is a specific accent in the New England. So, here are the phrases to know: Hihowahya (Hi, how are you?), or Jeet? (Did you eat?), or That was wicked! (That was great!). Each of them can be interesting to learn and practice with locals in the nearest cafe.

To Eat and Drink

You can see that Boston is European city. This is not only about the city architecture that is absolutely amazing, but also about the numerous restaurants of European cuisine, souvenir shops, antique stores. Speaking about the food, if you like fish dishes, you are lucky! There is a chain of fish restaurants Legal Sea Foods. You can see them at every step in the city. The fish dishes are marvelous! Which of them are worth trying? How about the shell-fish soup? Even if you don’t love seafood, you can be impressed with the taste of this fish soup.

The best place for dinner is Top of the Hub – you can see the beautiful city view form the window, music, service, friendly atmosphere. You need nothing but the portion of salad with a big juicy steak. The portion is really huge!

Prudential Center Day 2


To Spend Last $ 100

The question is easy-peasy! You should definitely buy the ticket to watch the game of the local hockey team Boston Bruins. This match is not only new emotions, but viewy game and the dozen of new friends after all.


The people in Boston are stylish. This is probably the best stylish city of the USA! So, dress up your best suit and go for a walk!

To Take For Souvenir

If you want to have more emotions and good memories about visiting Boston, you should buy souvenirs. It can be anything you like from the souvenir shop, like sweater or T-shirt with Harvard print or Boston sport team logo (Red Socks, Bruins, Patriots, Celtics).

Boston Smart Traveller: Top 15 Safe Driving Tips by Rental Car

Summer is always busy time in Boston. Tourists come to the city for every year gastronomy tour – the biggest country festival. The summer weather is good for walking on the beach, whales watching, visiting nearby islands. You may also go walking. If your budget is limited, you should come in spring because of cheap rental prices, especially from E-Z car rental Boston company. This is the proposal you will never refuse. The prices for accommodation are also cheaper in spring. The sport enthusiasts will surely want to join Boston marathon that takes place every year in April. Actually, the reasons can be different. What are they?

Boston is the biggest city in New England, the capital of Massachusetts and one of the oldest cities in the country. It is situated 200 miles to the North East from New York. Its numerous universities and colleges make city the educative center. If you are in Boston, rental car services make your trip easy and comfortable.

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Reasons to Book a Car in Boston

If your travelling route requires driving far to downtown Boston or to some of the surrounding regions, you can use E-Z car rental Boston to find the perfect car to hire.

Enjoy flexible booking: You can change your plans about travelling for different reasons. Nevertheless, you can always book a car in advance and just modify your reservation at no cost. You may also cancel it free as long as you do it 48 hours prior to pickup.

Enjoy great savings: The best rates are offered in E-Z car rental Boston. The Price Promise assures you of getting a great deal.

More vehicle options: You can easily compare a wide variety of Boston car rentals from trusted suppliers – ranging from economy cars to luxury vehicles.

More pickup and drop off locations: With many car rental locations in the city, picking up and dropping off a vehicle is simple. You can also rent a car from Boston Airport through E-Z rent a car Boston company as the most reliable one. Just pick up your keys at the terminal and you will be on your way.

Excellent service: If you need help about the car, just contact the customer care team via phone, online chat, Facebook and Twitter.

stupid rental car keys.. they give you TWO, but the keychain doesn't come apart, so, um, what's the point?


Safe Driving Tips for Boston Route

  1. Before you start a long way you should get some sleep and eat. Use stimulant drinks carefully. Your body seems to be stimulated but your mind will fall sleep any time if you are tired. So, travelling for long, it is better to make breaks and rest.
  2. Do you feel tired? Just breathe deep and have a short break to get some sleep.
  3. If it is possible, you can drive the car in turns. It helps you to sleep and have some rest while the other’s is driving. It also helps to save time you spend for driving. Driving alone, just open the window and switch the music up to feel awaken and concentrated.
  4. Keep the rules about using mobile phones on the go. It is legal in one place and illegal in the other. If you don’t know about it, it doesn’t mean that you souldn’t keep the law.
  5. You shouldn’t drink alcohol before the trip and during the trip.
  6. Watch the weather and try to plan your trip with the good route and favorable weather. You can change the way anytime if it helps to save your time.

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  1. You may easily use such popular and helpful apps for smartphones as Waze or Google Maps to avoid traffic jams or other road difficulties.
  2. GPS navigation is good and helpful but you cannot always trust to this app. It is recommended to buy a map.
  3. Driving a rental car, you should learn about the car characteristics beforehand (sound signal, safety belts, lights). You should learn about the type of your car and speed limitations according to this type. Thus Boston cadillac cars are available to travel all over the city with no special limits at that time when the full-size cars are limited to travel in the center of the city, especially their historical districts.
  4. Learn the local rules of the road regulation that can be also different in the different states. You’d better to learn them from the car agency. Thus, E-Z car rental Boston always helps clients to be the smartest drivers ever, teaching them to keep the state rules.
  5. Before go for a trip by car, make sure that your car is good: engine, gas, cinchers, everything. If you want, you can ask mechanic to make the complete inspection to feel good and safe while you are driving.
  6. Think about AAA or CAA membership. The program is helpful everywhere on the road, especially, if your car is broken on the go and there is nobody to help near by your side.
  7. Never let your gas unit to point E. If you are on the unknown road, you don’t know where you can meet the gas station next time. So, you may use such useful apps like GasBuddy or Gas Guru to help any time.
  8. While traveling with kids, you should make often stops not only for food but for pleasure. If you see the marvelous grassy platform or park on the go, you should make a stop and play with kids, make picnic. Never forget to take something interesting for your kids: toys, books, games. And never forget about medications if needed.

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  1. If you need to buy food or drinks on the go, it is better to make shopping in the city markets but not in the gas station shop. The prices are higher there. What is more, the choice of goods is wider and you buy the healthy and fresh food only.

If you have special tips about the safe and comfortable travelling, please, share!

Car Rental Tips for American Drivers: Trust but Check

Do you need a car for your next trip? Thrifty car rental Boston services offer you much freedom, flexibility when you are on the go. In the North American cities this can be the only possible way to get to the place you need. This service also helps to save your time, money and nervous. There is always a wide choice of cars. What a great chance to pick the car according to your budget and needs you have!

Pick Your Car from the Airport

Of course, it is very comfortable to pick the car from the airport if you just came to the USA. Nevertheless, this is the reason to feel lost. Thus, Thrifty car rental Boston airport location boasts the biggest choice of cars in the North America. Nevertheless, the good cars are taken very fast. So, the choice can be not very big at the moment of your visit. Think about the crowds of passengers from the flight to come to the rental services to hire the car. Obviously, the prices in the airport are higher than in the car rental units over the city. What about the service? The service means much so, it must be good.

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Car Model and Style

Think about what car you need. Of course, the best variant for West-North American landscape is Boston cadillac or sedan. Travelling with a big family or touristic equipment you may try outlander. If you are limited in budget, you are advised to pay attention to a small cheap car model. Of course, the size is not the key factor to pick the car. The vehicle may be not only comfortable by size, but ecological clean. You may pay attention to hybrid cares. Speaking about the car organization, you may ask for mechanic or automatic transmission, GPS system, car seat or ski clamps. The list of additional services is available.

Rental Rules

You can find the names of the biggest international rental car agencies in the airport of the American big cities. Speaking about the North America, Thrifty, Sixt, Avis, Budget are the most popular. You can also hear the names of Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National and others. Different companies offer different budgets depending of the city or state you are travelling through. Thus, Thrifty car rental Boston agency offers the budget prices that meet all clients’ requirements.

Worry about the price? You may easily find out about the best rental prices in the city online. So, if you go shopping, you can spend some time to visit one of the city rental car companies. If you are lucky guy, you can catch the sale! Again, hunting for the low prices, ask about all available sales that you may have. The best way to save some money from the car rent is using rental services online.

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Rental Specific

Thrifty car rental Boston location appeals to all clients to be careful by dealing online. Just read carefully what you are going to deal with. Making order by phone, ask about the rules and limitations. Learn the rules of car rent! Are there fees for something? Should you pay for the additional services? Is your 20 years old daughter is old enough to drive the car? All these and many other points can be important. To feel safety, learn the man and make sure that the company-partner has offices along the places you are travelling through.

Car Insurance


Rental Price

Be careful. As it was said before, the prices from the Thrifty car rental Boston airport location are higher than in the office of the same company in the city. Usually, the price from the advertising book differs from the real prices, added with taxes, additional expenses and extra charges, insurance. It is better to learn about all these points before. What is more, the season prices are often met. It means that the price that attracts you from the advertising can be available for one season only.

Insurance Needs

Insurance is offered all together with the car for rent. If you have the insurance, it helps you to protect your money in case of car breakage, car theft. The crashes window, scratches, scares – every little thing is important. Never forget to check the wheels, windscreen wipers, turn signals.  It will be very useful to check your car before taking it for rent. The price for defected car must be cheaper and you will not pay for defects that you didn’t do. You should find out and fix all available defects. Having doubts it is better to call for your lawyer to get the consultation.

Returning Car

You must be careful by returning the car. You have to pay for gas that you factually used by actual figures. Try to avoid the gas stations in the airport – it is definitely very expensive, more expensive that in the rental offices all over the city regions. You may download the useful application, so-called to check the details about the cheapest petrol stations in the region.

One more thing, it seems to be illogical but you can also lose money by giving the car back. How? So, you may be asked to pay for late or early return. Don’t you know that early return is as bad as late return? If you rent the car for a week and give your car back in 6 days only, you may pay for the daytime tax that is more expensive than a week price. Late returning also needs special attention: it is not a secret that you often have no more than 30 minutes to return the car. Otherwise, the additional payment, so-called fee, is also counted.


Before you give the car back you need to make sure that you didn’t leave your private things in the car. It can be the phone, notes, sun glasses, umbrellas. Make also sure that the car operator checks the car all together with you to define and fix the car condition or what is wrong. You may agree or disagree with any point. Learn the renting contract waiting for your advanced money to come back to our credit card.